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via Margaret Morgan

Jodi DeLong (from Nova Scotia, Canada) has started the Garden Bloggers Geography Project, with the question: Where in the Gardening world are you?

Jodi is asking garden bloggers around the world to post about their local area and as I’ve been meaning to start a blog for my empty garden, so this seems like a good place to start, as I don’t have a garden to post about yet.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is located on the mainland of Australia, on the south edge of the East Coast, in the state of Victoria. Victoria is a beautiful state of Australia. From restful Daylesford with it’s Italian lavender farm, the hidden treasures high in the Dandenong Ranges, the sweeping green curve of the Mornington Peninsula, fairy penguins surfing themselves to shore at Phillip Island, the breathtaking view along the Great Ocean Road to the ever-present heartbeat of Melbourne’s CBD. The tourism slogan is You’ll Love Every Piece of Victoria, so far I have yet to find a piece that I don’t love and just some of the many reasons why I moved to Melbourne and Victoria.

At the hyper-local level, I reside in the Greater Dandenong district, a melting pot area with many vibrant cultures, young demographic and high growth rate, with many newly built houses on new land estates and as a result, many empty gardens (including my own).

I live not far from a place called GardenWorld. GardenWorld is a place that will tempt anyone to get started on their empty garden. Shop after shop of beautiful plants and garden tools. My favourite is Collector’s Corner, which has the beautiful and unusual. Succulents, bromeliads, bonsai, cacti, orchids, bug-eating plants and air plants.

As for my garden, it’s a sad, barren-looking patch of dirt filled with builder’s rubble, aside from a small strip of actual garden which contains three purple fountain grasses, thriving in their sunny spot (I found a photo of the same grass on Flickr). It’s a sterile ornamental grass.

Purple Fountain Grass - Flickr


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